Which Home Improvements Are Sure to Reap Investments When It Comes Time to Eventually Sell Your House?


Painting: Painting the interior of the home provides instantaneous results without spending hardly any money. Unless, of course, you hire a professional; in which case, plan to spend a few grand. Painting is also a great DIY project, depending on the amount of time you have, as well as the height of your ceilings, and the square footage of the room. If you are selling your home soon, this is not the time to make your home your guinea pig by testing out your painting skills.images

Adding siding: Fiber-cemented siding is one of the biggest ROI’s a seller can see when they add it. The reasoning behind this is that it holds up extremely well against instances such as termite damage, rotting, and it also resists in fires.

Building a deck: Who doesn’t love a deck? They’re great for eating on pretty days, hosting parties, and simply for breaths of fresh air. If you are going to build a deck with the intent to see a significant return, make sure you use natural wood…not the fake stuff!

Remodeling the kitchen: You really can’t go wrong with remodeling your kitchen, which get you back about 85% of the cost. However, this is only true if you make sure you use high quality appliances, fixtures, and counter-tops. You can’t install laminate counters, the generic white fridge, and just any old microwave, and expect to see a major investment when you sell your house. kitchen-marble-herringbone-cooktop-tiles-regina-andrew-large-globe-pendant

However, if your house is very, very small, don’t go through the effort of doing a major renovation. In small houses, it’s rare to see a large return on any renovations. Opt for smaller cosmetic upgrades, such as painting the cabinets, and switching out hardware.

Replace the windows: Buyers love new windows, because they know the utility bills are definitely going to be cheaper, as newer windows are often energy-efficient.

Upgrade a bathroom: Bathroom upgrades can get you anywhere from 65-76% back. Same as the kitchen, though, you’ll need to use nice appliances. Also, this isn’t the time to bring out your inner-designer, and start experimenting with trends. Use classic choices.

Improve your curb appeal: The front of your house is the first thing people see, so absolutely any upgrade in this area is going to result in a return. Even planting new flowers.2695-1

Install central AC: If your home doesn’t have a central AC unit, it’s going to be a tough sell. Yes, they can cost a few grand, but it will also up your home’s value by 15-30%. Now we’re talking.

Renovate your basement: Dry Basements can get you anywhere from half to everything back when it comes time to sell. If the basement is prone to any leaks, you might want to have a professional renovate it, though. Also bring in an electrician; you never want to play with wires and water. Despite what HGTV tells you, not everything is DIY. 003-basement-renovation-princeton-design-collaborative

Put in a swimming pool: Of course, it depends on where exactly you live. If you live in Canada where it snows half the year, a pool probably isn’t going to boost the home’s value.

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  • Painting and lawn care are the two things I would stress most about the article. Fresh, neutral paint, and a manicured lawn will work wonders in selling your home. I am a firm believer in curb appeal, neutral paint, and staging.

  • I would never put a pool in, with the hopes that it will increase the value for when I sell my home. All of the money you’ll spend maintaining it, will be wasted. Pools are way too expensive to maintain, and to install. Plus…many buyers don’t want a house with a pool. They’re too much of a liability.

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