The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening: How to Create and Maintain a Healthy, Glowing Lawn

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Getting a perfect lawn starts with the basics: water, fertilizer, and the sun. You know your neighbors lawn, that which you covet? It looks so good because they take care of it. You can’t simply plant grass and flowers and be done with it. Flowers, and even grass, require care and maintenance.  

Planting a new lawn involves good preparation, and even better planning. You’e got to prepare the area before you plant a thing; this is to minimize the growth of weeds. Many gardeners forget to test the pH balance of the soil. Read on: Lawn Care – Better Homes & Gardens. You can actually buy your own kits to run these tests yourself. Just visit any local nursery, or order one from a catalog. It might seem blasé, but ordering and using these kits are what will save you from wasting money on plants that will eventually die.

You only need to water once a week, but you have to do it thoroughly. A one minute hosing session won’t do the trick. See: Organic Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips. Watering thoroughly each week helps the roots go deeper into the soil.

It will also prevent certain bugs that dry themselves to dried lawns. In order to figure out how much water your lawn needs, you’ll have to figure out what kind of soil you have. Certain soils hold moisture longer than others, while other soils will need more moisture, more often.

Most gardening experts advise that you fertilize your lawn twice annually; usually in the spring and again in the fall. This is actually just ht minimum. Take note that most popular fertilizers don’t give your lawn everything it needs. You’ll want to buy a complete fertilizer that includes more nutrients, such as copper and iron.

If you really want to get rid of weeds, you need to have incredibly healthy grass. Mowing is great for grass, mainly because it cuts certain types of weeds before they have the opportunity to release their seeds onto it. Always use pesticides when you weed the pathway. See: Lawn Care Maintenance & Tips from the HGTV Experts

Interestingly enough, there are almost a thousand types of grass to choose from, and more are created each year. Again, your plant choices are going to depend on your climate. You won’t be able to plant whatever you want. Well…you can, but they might die a week after you plant them. For more lawn care tips feel free to watch the video below!

Lawn Care Maintenance & Tips from the HGTV Experts

Organic Lawn Care & Maintenance Tips

Lawn Care – Better Homes & Gardens

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  • What is the best type of grass for a warmer climate? I live in the south. Thanks.

  • Great question. I cannot fully answer that for you, because I do not know exactly where in the South that you are located.

    However, this is a great article that will tell you more specifically about types of grass, and when to plant them. It may surprise you, that while you can get a general idea of what type of grass to use for each region in the country, it really even depends by state.,,20291086_20644816,00.html

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